Downdraft Gas Cooktop

Downdraft Gas Cooktop is a complete set of gas burners for cooking, designed to fit over a surface such as the top of a kitchen table with downdraft ventilation system. Downdraft ventilation is a type of ventilation used in cooktops and kitchen areas that pulls cooking smoke and fumes downward. A downdraft ventilation feature is a replacement for a traditional range hood that sucks smoke and steam upward.

Features of Downdraft Gas Cooktop:

The downdraft ventilating system pulls smoke and steam from a cooktop on a kitchen island where there is no range hood. Some models recirculates air by removing moisture and odors. A downdraft cooktop offers a modern look in a kitchen. This sleekly designed cooktop allows your kitchen for extra cabinets where you might place a range hood.

Downdrafts usually rise above a cooktop anywhere from 8 to 19 inches and have blower motors which can be placed under the counter or placed in between the riser and the outdoor vent or on the outside. These motors vary from 200 CFM(cubic feet moved per minute) to 1500 CFM depending on the manufacturer. Downdraft ventilation clears the air of odors and smoke, also prevents particles from being accumulated on cabinets, ledges and curtains.

Downdraft gas cooktops are capable of achieving a wider range of temperature; also they take surprisingly less time to boil than their electric counterparts.

downdroft gas cooktop

How to use Downdraft Gas Cooktops:

  • You need to have a gas line running into your kitchen or a portable gas cylinder to use downdraft gas cooktops.
  • You can use gas on all types of pans including stainless steel, cast iron, woks etc. The pans don’t even get any burn at the bottom surface.
  • You may need a lighter to ignite your gas cooktop. Although all recent models have automatic ignition system.

Advantages of Downdraft Gas Cooktops:

  • The biggest advantage is that Downdraft gas cooktops heat quickly than the electric cooktops. So you can save a lot of time. Hence you can easily boil anything in a short time.
  • Gas cooking is a cheaper solution for your cooking rather than induction cooking. Except the gas line expenditures, gas cooktops are fairly cheap to operate and servicing is available in all regions.
  • Gas cooking is the most common cooking system all over the world, so the learning curve is not so steep for beginners.


  • Gas converts a mere 38 percent of its energy. So gas cooking is not efficient compared to electric or induction cooktops. You can find the reviews of the best induction cooktops and their features in our site.
  • It is not so safe because its top remain hot when it is switched on. As the heat is transferred directly to the placed cookware, the gas elements get heated.
  • Gas cooktops are more vulnerable to accidental combustion and fire than electric or induction cookware. Our induction cooktop reviews can help you change your decision

Our downdraft gas cooktop reviews will help you choose your desired cooktops with recommended specifications. The best downdraft cooktops are waiting to serve you!


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