Stove Top with Downdraft

Decorating kitchen is always one of the toughest jobs for any especially when it comes to cooking. Every other home decoration is quite easy. Micro oven, cook tops & stoves have many other varieties but among all of them cook tops do come in handy. Now, mainly cook tops are of two types- electric & gas cooktops.
From professional point of view, electric cook tops out run the gas cook tops in performance. Especially if you want boil water or want to cook in low temperature. But, there is one thing. Electric cook tops stay hot longer than gas cook tops. But, electric cook tops are easy to clean.

Now come to the point. Why you should buy electric cook tops not gas tops?What electric cook tops offer that gas tops don’t?

Electric cook tops has an even surface. The surface is more stable for pots and pans than the gas ones. With a smooth top there is no need to worry for oil to pool on one side of the pan. To turn the stove you just need to simply twist the knob and the stove will immediately start to heat up. No igniters are required at all. Heat is drier and distributed more evenly. It is better for baking and roasting food items. Besides electric gas tops gives some extra feature. Such as fan, grillers etc. So, when it is comes to choose between gas and electric cook tops; electric cook tops are better.

Now which one to buy?

There are many electric cook tops in the market. All are good but I want to tell you about the best one. To be honest, overall we found some very good feedback about this one.

stove top
The GE Profile PP989DNBB comes with a stylish design. Frameless thirty inch top with a very smooth black glass surface. White or black versions are also available. It is also available in stain less version also. The heating elements are four- one large front burner, one rear burner. There is also some kind of bridge type of element which makes connection between 2 burners to make a large single heating area. This portion has a knob which is situated on top of the cook tops.
This cook top has a very special feature. It comes with three speed downdraft fan that gives built in ventilation. It is a very useful feature for areas in which there is no pre installed ventilation system. This entire utensil is covered by a one year warranty. Glass surface & radiant heating unit has warranty of five years.
Customer extolment its rapid heating process, simple & easy control system & the variety in burners. Downdraft fan is also a very popular feature of this cook top. Though there is one complain about this cook top. Some people complained that the surface gets easily scratched & more easily cracked if something hard falls on it. But, overall rating of this cook top is good. This top is customer friendly.


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