Downdraft Electric Cooktop

An electric cooktop with the addition of latest downdraft ventilation system can enhance your kitchen island to the next level. This is a very smart and appealing technology which you need to survive the price hike of gas, oil, induction, latest microwave or other counterpart cooking system.

What is Downdraft Electric Cooktop?

Downdraft electric cooktop is an electric cooktop with built in ventilation system called downdraft. It sucks all the smoke, fumes and odor from the top of your cooktop down through a pipe and under the floor. This is the alternative of large cooking hoods which block views and require a larger space.

Features of Downdraft Electric Cooktop:

One of the main features of the downdraft cooktop is that it is very sleek, compact and very stylish. As you don’t have to think about the extractor fan or hood above of the cooktop, you can easily use it in an island unit or another unusual position. You don’t need to make any adjustment or installation to set up the hood.

electric cooktop

Another great feature of downdraft electric cooktop is that it requires minimal maintenance and clean up. Since the smoke, fumes and steam are all sucked downward, you don’t have to deal with building up a hood or any extractor fan. Besides, you only need to clean up one small area instead of climbing up a ladder to reach the hood. All you have to to do is clean the cooktop once in a week.

A downdraft electric cooktop is a lot cheaper solution than all of its counterparts. As the exhaust or the extraction system of downdraft electric cooktop is built in already, there is no worry for extra hassle on its installation. The electric unit itself is a lot inexpensive if compared to a full hooded cooktop version. Almost all hooded cooktops are very expensive because aside from the unit itself, the user also needs to consider the cost of pipe work, installation and ventilation.

Things needed to be considered:

In spite of its quite easy method to place a downdraft electric cooktop in your kitchen, there are several prerequisites you may need to consider before purchasing one. This type of downdraft cooktop requires the air to be circulated out of the house through a downward pipe. This means that the duct work of your house needs to have accommodation of the piping and also venting it out of your house. This extra construction and work might be a little bit expensive, but worth every penny.

Pros and cons:


Downdraft electric cooktops come with invisible ventilation when not in use. A sleek and stylish look will change your kitchen look. This is the cheapest cooktop with downdraft ventilation system comparing to induction or gas. You can read gas and induction cooktop reviews as well. You can look for the best gas cooktops or the best induction cooktops in our site.


There are no lighting options in downdraft electric cooktops. For taller pots, downdraft may not suck all the smoke and fumes.


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